Earth, Wind & Fire

These events were some of our most favorite events. We found that Mother Nature doesn't always cooperate but the show must go on! This season called for perseverance and determination. We continued a beautiful wedding through a hurricane and loss of power. We held our breath as torrential downpours threatened to snuff one of the most beautiful fireworks displays we have ever seen. Last but not least, we shared our wedding preparation area with a full grown, beautiful black bear! It seems we like the element of surprise.

1768 Hubbell Homestead
Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream
Atlas PyroVision Productions

Event Menu:

This menu proved to be a wonderful choice for this event. As hurricane force winds and torrential downpours caused a power outage, we could still prepare their selections. Thankfully, their menu called for the use of grills and chafing dishes, allowing food to stay warm and the show to go on as planned! The linen napkins were strewn around by the wind like toilet paper, on the floor, on the roof of the tent; on the walls….it was a little like Halloween had arrived early! Even with all of the excitement and chaos, dinner was by candlelight, guests were a damp…but all had full bellies.

Our bride and groom for this event wanted a Cape Cod feel for their wedding. They had wonderful memories of the ocean. Their menu heavily favored seafood, especially New England clam chowder. Food can evoke wonderful emotions for people and with all this seafood available, our attending black bear certainly looked big, warm and fuzzy to us!!!!!